XXXII Expedition

The XXXII expedition was the first of ICE-VOLC project. The scientific activities dealt with:

• Geochemistry

• Volcanology

• Seismology


The geochemical investigation performed during 21 November– 22 December 2016 mainly focused on the fumaroles of both Mt. Melbourne and Rittmann. The following activities were performed:

- Thermal analysis of the fumarole areas.

- Identification and mapping of 10 ice-caves on Mt. Melbourne and 1 on Mt. Rittmann.

- Collection of 66 samples of gas.

 Fumarole gasses collected using two-way glass bottle and glass vials.

List of the 66 gas samples taken at Mt. Melbourne and Rittmann volcanoes.





During 10 January – 6 February 2017, the following volcanological activities were carried out:


- Survey of Mt. Melbourne and Rittmann to identify outcrops in the deglaciated areas.

- Collection of two samples of 2 scoria bombs on Mt. Rittmann.

- Collection of 5 samples of ash within the glaciers close to Mt. Melbourne.

- Collection of 30 samples of pumice, lava bombs, scoria from Mt. Melbourne.



The main purpose of the seismic activities during the XXXII expedition was to collect information to choose the site where a permanent station will be installed in the XXXIII expedition. Hence, during 10 January – 6 February 2017 the following activities were carried out:


- Recordings of 68 days of data by two 3C seismic stations installed in 9 different sites: 2 in Tethys Bay, 2 on Mt. Rittmann and 5 on Mt. Melbourne.

- Radio transmission test.

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